My practice involves working one-on-one with individuals from both a personal and professional perspective.  I help people find a clear path on how to reduce the stress in their lives, focus on their unique strengths, and find success in their personal, professional and business relationships.

All conversations and information are strictly confidential.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching is about re-energizing and re-awakening your sense of enthusiasm for the possibilities in your life.  As a coach, I can help you gain a clearer perspective about alternatives that can lead you to a fuller, more satisfying life.  What separates my practice from other coaches is that I use a variety of tools that provide insight into your unique strengths that may have been long forgotten or ignored.

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Kolbe™ Coaching for Coaches

KOLBE™ COACHING FOR  COACHES.  I help individual coaches better understand their unique conative profile and how it can impact how your relate to your clients and your business.  Through a series of one-on-one sessions, you can learn how your coaching can come from a cleaner, clearer space, which enables you to work more effectively with each of your clients.

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Business Coaching

You will gain valuable insights that will help you build your business in ways you might not have considered and utilize your workforce in new and different ways. I can help you significantly improve your overall work environment by providing new perspective on your office dynamics and how they can be improved. I utilize tools which help to identify individual strengths that ultimately improve hiring decisions, optimize team performance, refine management skills and reduce employee turnover.
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