Trust your instincts!

As a certified MBI Coach and a Certified Kolbe™ Consultant, I help coaches and clients  better understand how their Kolbe profile can help them untie their internal knots and understand the path to their essential selves.

Taking the Kolbe A™ Index was an enormous wake-up call for me both as an individual and as a coach.

Martha Beck and Kathy Kolbe put me on a path of self discovery, self-realization and a sense of self-fulfillment.  They gave me the tools to untie the knot I had created of my own life and gave me the impetus to move forward, celebrating my essential self and my own unique strengths.

When I pay attention to the fact that I am a 4 -5- 9- 2, things just make sense in every aspect of my life.

This is an AHA moment that I want to share!

No one can make you be other than who you are.

Celebrate yourself every day.


Kolbe™ Certified

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Work with me as I help individuals understand their unique conative profile and how it affects every aspect of their life. Coaches can coach from a cleaner, clearer space. Executives and business owners can work more effectively with their clients and staff. Parents can gain a better understanding of the strengths of their children and family members. Spouses and partners can learn to better understand and communicate with each other.

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Martha Beck and Life Coaching

Through the wisdom of Martha Beck, I finally learned to question my negative thoughts and discover my social self vs. my essential self.

I spent years doing what I thought I was supposed to do because that is what “responsible” people do.

  • I attended lots of very tedious meetings where nothing seemed to get accomplished.
  • I wrote reams of memos circulated to the world.
  • I read and digested three newspapers each day along with vast quantities of research and data.  I then recirculated that information up and down the line.
  • I learned to use the word of the moment including “paradigm,”  “interface,” “segue” and “optimization.”  (If you don’t know these words, celebrate that fact!)

I also….

  • Watched the clock tick slowly through the day.
  • Wondered why I wasn’t as fascinated with spreadsheet analysis as much as others seemed to be.
  • Questioned my intelligence.
  • Got frustrated that others didn’t “get it” as quickly as I did.

One day I gave myself permission to question how I was spending my days.  I started seeing a Life Coach  and the rest is history.

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The Magical Combination of Martha and Kathy

When you truly understand your Kolbe numbers you are free to be yourself.

Every single one of those numbers means something.  Its not just your highest number, but how each of those numbers integrates with the other.  The Kolbe A Index results give you an understanding of how you behave when you are striving to accomplish something.

  • How do you work most effectively so that your day flies by and you get so much accomplished?
  • How can you work better with your clients and co-workers?
  • How can you avoid those days that are just so draining you can hardly wait to go home and curl up on the sofa?

In truly understanding your Kolbe A™ results and then applying Martha’s invaluable lessons on “I shoulds” and “I shouldn’ts”, the questions disappear.

You can truly own who you are.

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Kathy Kolbe and The Kolbe A™ Index

Fast forward 12 months, and I am in the midst of  certification training as a Martha Beck Inc. Coach, I took the Kolbe A™ index and felt that I finally had some answers.

  • I realized that there were reasons that my skin crawled when I went to a spreadsheet meeting.  I was for more interested in the big picture than the small details.
  • I embraced my strategic nature.  I finally recognized that I can see trends going forward that others might not.  It was clearly one of my strenghts as an investor.
  • I love meeting new people and learning about what made them tick.  What they thought.  Who they are inside, below the surface.
  • I live in the verbal realm.  I am not simply a Chatty Cathy.  I love being with people, processing verbally, communicating face-to-face, speaking from my heart and from the top of my head.

Ever since I have been able to let out a life-time’s worth of sighs.  A sense of relief that I really truly know who I am.  Its an amazing gift that I want to share with Everyone!