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This is absolutely my favorite Kolbe call to date. Three participants who were asked to project how they would respond to a certain situation….

You are on a deserted strip of road in Alaska.  It’s beautiful.  You are surrounded by forests of fir trees and towering snow-covered peaks.  Your car hums along the road, hugging the twists and turns.  Your favorite music is on the radio/ipod and you are feeling completely relaxed.  You are by yourself.  Your family/friends, etc. decided to go salmon fishing for the weekend.  You opted for some time to yourself.

There is clearly no one for miles.  You are on your own schedule.  There is no pressure — no one is waiting for you at your destination.  When you get there, you get there.  This is what freedom feels like.

All of a sudden, the car coughs and you slowly lose momentum and then glide to a stop.  You glide to the side of the road and park on the median.  Your car is showing no signs of life.  You reach for your phone to call for help and realize that you have absolutely no signal.

What do you do?
How do you feel?
Say more!

The players — Gina — 2 4 6 9,  Sheila — 7 3 8 2,   Susan — 8 4 7 2,   Deb 8 7 2 3