This is the first Kolbe™ Call I conducted with Martha Beck coaches and features two Fact Finders.  I have edited the call and added visuals that might just make the Fact Finders of the world a little happier.

The initial portion of the call includes a discussion of what the Kolbe™ A Index results mean.  The numbers coincide to the “action modes”  Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start and Implementor.

Fact Finders

This call includes two wonderful volunteers, both of whom have Fact Finder as their highest number.  These Fact Finders both like to accumulate information and become experts on topics before they speak about a subject.

However, what makes them different is the fact that their second highest numbers are different.  Barbara is a 7 Quick Start and Helen is a 6 Fact Finder.

Barbara 7-6-7-2 — With Barbara, there is a constant struggle between her Fact Finder and Quick Start inclinations.  Her preferred means to communicate is verbally, which is common with people who have insistent Quick Start, however, insistent Fact Finders put great value in the written word. This is an example of the constant struggle between her Fact Finder and Quick Start.

Helen 8-6-4-2 loves to research and  gather information and then organize it.  She realizes that with her profile, she needs to be aware that Fact Finders tend to get mired in the facts, always wanting to get more information.  An important fact she learned during the call was the fact  that she needs to give herself some deadlines so that her projects can move forward.