Why are we so mean to ourselves?

My daughter shared this website with me and it has to be shared and re-shared and then shared again.

I keep running into clients and friends and people I have never met before and will never meet again, who are so cruel to themselves. The self-criticism is constant and brutal.

They hate their hair.

They hate their thighs.

Someone even told me that they wished they had better toenails.

I am not making this up.

I have said it over and over and over and over again. Research estimates that we have between 50,000 and 75,000 thoughts per day and over two-thirds of those thoughts are negative or repetitive. We never give ourselves a break.

Now I am not saying that it’s all our faults, believe me we all know how the world is wallpapered with our own inadequacy vs. what the media portrays. But this is just insane. It has to stop.

My latest story, I just joined a local gym. The t-shirts for women are miniscule. A large is really more like a small and a small might fit a 6 year old. I am not exaggerating. The message they are conveying is very clear. This gym wants to attract thin women. Conversely, the men’s t-shirts are regularly sized. What’s with that? So men can be a variety of sizes and women can’t. Man does that bug me!

Enough already.


Look in the mirror and realize how beautiful you are. Because you know what, this is what the world has offered you. Make the best of it and rejoice in who you are.

Pillow Talk

Okay, welcome to one of our ongoing marital conversations.

Pillows  Pillows  Pillows  Pillows


We have a bazillion pillows on our bed, much to the consternation of my husband.

“There are too many.”

“This one is too big.”

“The one is too small.”

“Why does anyone need so many of these  #*^*  pillows.”

Well, as you may or may not know, there are very good reasons for all of these pillows.

First of all, there is the need for cold pillows.

Once upon a time, my beloved brother introduced me to the statement,

“as cool as the other side of the pillow”

That’s it!  

I need a cool pillow, and if it’s not cool enough, I need to flip it over or find an alternative through a variety of fresh choices.

And now, that I am in the prime of my life and enjoying those wonderful flashes of warmth at 3:00am, cool pillows are even more critical.

And, apparently I am not the only one.  There is a pillow out there that markets itself as a cooling pillow.   Maybe I should add that to my Christmas list.  But then again, that would require yet another pillow addition to the pile already taking over our bed.  I’m not sure the Husband could take it.

Then there is the size issue.

Sometimes you need a big one to prop yourself up.

Other times, you need one that works when you’re on your side.

It’s also nice to have one of the king-sized ones, in the event you want to share your pillow.

Then there are the little teeny pillows which fit in the nooks and crannies, or if you’re feeling like a pillow, but not too much of a pillow.

Don’t forget the hard/squishee issue

Sometimes you want to be able to squish it up into a ball or punch it into the perfect shape.  Other times, it’s all about support and firmness.  You never know what you’re looking for until you lie down and want to fall asleep.  At least I don’t.

And then there is the sore back/neck alternative

We also have the tempurpedic pillows designed to let your head get cradled in such a way that your spine and neck stay aligned throughout the night.  This is great if you don’t move.  

I move.  

Right now they are at the bottom of the pillow pile simply because they are so heavy and don’t react well to the cold pillow test.  But they are there just in case one of us twists this way when our spine wants to twist that way.

So now I have outed myself as a persnickity pillow person.


Am I the only one?

“Normal Can Never Be Amazing”

So I have been spending a lot of time on branding, both personal and business, working with clients on how they can present themselves authentically.
So naturally my mind went the way of Mini Coopers.

Maybe because I think they do a fabulous job marketing themselves.


Maybe it’s because they celebrate the individual.

the country,

the bling,

Maybe it’s simply because I want one I can drive around that screams who I am.

So my question for you is this….

If you had a Mini Cooper, what would it look like?  And how would you feel driving around town wearing yourself on your sleeve for all to see?

Would you go for tasteful?



So what would your mini cooper look like?

I want to know…..