If Moose took the Kolbe A Index

I have a five month old puppy.  His name is Moose and he is a Shorkie, which is a fancy way of saying a combination Shihtzu/Yorkie.  This has been the summer of Moose.

He has mostly learned potty training regimen and has even created a convenient warning signal in the event there is going to be some action.  He starts hysterically digging on his pee pee pad. We are continuing to learn more and more about each other.  So anyway, since I have spent so much time with Moose, I started wondering what his Kolbe profile would be like.

Yes, I know he can’t answer the 36 questions in 20 minutes, but I think I may be able to get some insights about him just by being with him 24×7.

  • Moderate Fact Finder (4-6)– Moose is constantly gathering information — yes, its sensory information, but he is still gathering information when he is scratching, digging, staring, running, jumping, pouncing, retrieving etc.  There is so much for him to learn:  what is a duck/bird/squirrel/etc., most dogs are nice or at least tolerant of a little puppy joy, cats are mysterious and scary, car rides can give you an upset tummy, water is great to drink but not so much fun to bathe in.  He has yet to figure out why duckie, cow and fuzzy bone squeak, but I am sure he will get that soon.
  • Resistent Follow Thru (1-3) — Moose is not a good organizer.  He leaves his toys strewn about the house and never knows where they are.  He is still figuring out the breakfast/dinner routine, but he’s always game for a spur-of-the-moment cookie.  He is trainable as long as there is food available.   He can rollover, sit, stay and rollover again.  We are working on expanding his list of tricks, but it will take some more structured training time.
  • Insistent Quickstart (7-10):  As a puppy, he is all about taking action, lots of action, the faster the better.  Moose embraces risk.  He has jumped off the back of the couch several times, run into numerous walls and pounced on many 80 lb. dogs.  So far its working or him.  Take action first, think second, if at all.  Keep trying until you get what you want or need to take a nap.
  • Insistent Implementor (7-10):  The love of tactile objects may be Moose’s strongest instinct.  Any kind of chewie works for him.  The fluffy ones such as duckie, cow and fluffy bone are perfect to carry proudly in your mouth and to show off to to the world.  This also goes for any random– stick piece of paper or cigarette-butt found on the sidewalk.  Its all about what is in the mouth and the strut.

Yes, I am a “Kolbe-aholic”.  It has changed my life and my coaching practice.  Truly understanding your Kolbe numbers can open doors and provide you with a better understanding of why you do (or don’t do) certain things.  The second part of my practice helps people come to terms with how they feel about these natural proclivities.

What are your numbers?

Natural Advantage


I have been asked to talk a little bit about Kolbe’s 17 “Natural Advantage” descriptors.

Natural Advantages were developed by  Kathy Kolbe as a way to help describe the combination of strengths identified in your Kolbe A index results.

As you may  have heard me say, you are so much more than your highest number.  Each individual Kolbe score describes your prefered mode of striving. The two highest numbers of a Kolbe A index (as long as they are 7 or over) are used to determine your Natural Advantage.   If there is only one score over 7, that single number is used.

As Kathy Kolbe states in her book, The Conative Connection, “These descriptions, though useful, are stereotypes, because nobody is all of one thing.  There is truly no such thing as “can’t” — but there are combinations of talent that make people better suited to one career than another…..The particular combination of strengths in your Kolbe A Index is your personal leverage for getting things done….Natural Advantages aren’t meant to be job titles, rather frames of mind or methods of operation” on how you would approach a particular job with no other constraints, but your instincts.

The 17 Natural Advantages are…

Fact Finder                                Researcher
Fact Finder/Follow Thru      Strategic Planner
Fact Finder/Quick Start        Manager
Fact Finder/Implementor     Technologist

Follow Thru                              Designer
Follow Thru/Fact Finder      Systems Analyst
Follow Thru/Quick Start       Program Developer
Follow Thru/Implementor    Manufacturer

Quick Start                                 Innovator
Quick Start/Fact Finder         Entrepreneur
Quick Start/Follow Thru       Theorist
Quick Start/Implementor      Pioneer

          Implementor                             Demonstrator
Implementor/Fact Finder     Investigator
Implementor/Follow Thru   Quality Controller
Implementor/Quick Start      Adventurer

Facilitator                                   Mediator

I will be addressing these Natural Advantages in upcoming calls.