Why are we so mean to ourselves?

My daughter shared this website with me and it has to be shared and re-shared and then shared again.

I keep running into clients and friends and people I have never met before and will never meet again, who are so cruel to themselves. The self-criticism is constant and brutal.

They hate their hair.

They hate their thighs.

Someone even told me that they wished they had better toenails.

I am not making this up.

I have said it over and over and over and over again. Research estimates that we have between 50,000 and 75,000 thoughts per day and over two-thirds of those thoughts are negative or repetitive. We never give ourselves a break.

Now I am not saying that it’s all our faults, believe me we all know how the world is wallpapered with our own inadequacy vs. what the media portrays. But this is just insane. It has to stop.

My latest story, I just joined a local gym. The t-shirts for women are miniscule. A large is really more like a small and a small might fit a 6 year old. I am not exaggerating. The message they are conveying is very clear. This gym wants to attract thin women. Conversely, the men’s t-shirts are regularly sized. What’s with that? So men can be a variety of sizes and women can’t. Man does that bug me!

Enough already.


Look in the mirror and realize how beautiful you are. Because you know what, this is what the world has offered you. Make the best of it and rejoice in who you are.

72 inches of really beautiful beads!

72 inches of beautiful beads with a sterling silver clasp
Amy's beaded bracelet/necklace
This is a reposting of a previous post. Amy went into the hospital and couldn’t make the bracelets. She is back and ready to make them if you are still interested.

This weekend at MBI was amazing, filled with so many Woo Woo moments that I am planning on writing them all down, but one in particular is really standing out.

I met Joda during one of the early sessions.  She was raving about a beaded bracelet I had wrapped around my wrist and wanted to know where I got it.

I told her about my jewelry designing friend Amy, who has been battling MS for the past nine years, facing nasty treatments once each month that wipe her out completely.  Recently her doctor recommended some additional DNA tests which may change the way they treat her disease to a much less debilitating approach.  There is no guarantee, but there is hope.  Naturally the cost is over $10,000.   Her doctor is now helping with some creative funding sources,  her parents are digging into their tapped-out bank accounts and Amy is trying to raise the remaining balance which is about $3500.

So now we go back to Phoenix.  Joda and I  exchanged cards and I promised to get back to her regarding the cost of the bracelet.  The next day we meet again, I tell her the cost and she pulls out her money as I unwrap the bracelet from my wrist.  Done deal.

Well maybe not….

That night I got to thinking that maybe there was an opportunity to help Amy in a bigger way.  Maybe I could sell some of these amazing bracelets.

So yes, you guessed it, the next morning I run into Joda, who tells me that a number of her coaching friends love the bracelet and want to buy it.  And then, of course, I burble that I had the exact same thought.

So here is a picture of the bracelet.  It is 72 inches long and can be wrapped around your wrist as many times as you can, looped around your neck or just draped  for a looser look.  The cost is $70 plus $5 for shipping.

If anyone is interested, please email me at carol@carolcheswickwilson.com.  I will invoice you through PayPal and get it out to you within a week.

I am sending this out to such a great universe.

Thank you for everything.