What kind of animal are you?

What kind of animal are you?

And why?

When someone posed this question to me, the first thought that came to my mind was

Golden Retriever.

I realize they may not be considered the smartest dogs on the planet, but they are certainly among the most loving and accepting.

I live with three dogs, one of whom is a golden retriever who has just finished picking all of the dish towels off of the kitchen counter and delivering them to me in my office in an effort to get attention and affection or maybe he is just looking to have some fun.

I may have answered this way because  I have been loved by three fantastic golden retrievers — Barney, Maggie and Jake. Their unconditional love and ability to be open, to stand by my side through thick and thin has been an invaluable constant in my life.

Anyway, back to the question posed above.

Yesterday during a grueling tennis practice when someone zinged a tennis ball down the alley just out of reach. My partner commented that she thought I would be “mad at myself” for missing the ball. On the contrary, the next tennis ball was coming, it was time to move on, focus on what is coming next.

I tend to be on an even keel most of the time. Yes, there are some things that I feel very strongly about but I don’t feel the need to toss those thoughts out into conversation in a confrontational manner.

I am people pleaser to a certain extent except if someone just gets under my skin or cuts me off aggressively.

I love to connect with people, learn who they are, share stories, gain perspective.

I believe in making life fun and enjoying every minute of every day.

I am a lover not a growler.

What kind of animal are you?

And why?

Kicking the Tires…

Bright Shiny New Car Kolbe Style


Okay, I know many of you know I am a Kolbe Consultant, but I don’t think that you know what the heck that means.

Kolbe is a seemingly simple online test that helps to identify your strengths from both a personal and a professional standpoint.  You can take the Kolbe A test at www.kolbe.com.  A Kolbe Consultant can help you figure out what all those numbers mean to you and those around you.  Anyway…

There are four modes — Fact Finder, Follow Through, Quick Start and Implementor.

So what, you ask.

This is the “so what”.  Understanding how you approach a new task vs. the guy in the next cubicle or your partner, or your kid, gives you an enormous advantage in figuring out how they live their lives vs. how you live your life.  Knowledge is power.  It’s also a lot less stress and a lot more appreciation of who does what and why and why you shouldn’t let it get to you so easily.

Knowing the difference, makes a difference.

So here’s a story that might help you get some perspective.

You want to buy a car -a  brand new shiny whatsis that makes your heart sing.  Based on the insights learned by taking the Kolbe A test, you will learn that you are strongest in one or two of the Kolbe categories.

  • If you are a  Fact Finder (like my beloved expert husband) you go on line and research the best car out there in terms of price, features, doodads, availability, industry ratings.  No action is taken until all of the information is understood clearly and in a concise manner.
  • An individual whose results indicate they are a Follow Through focuses on the process.  There will be several steps that they will need to take to evaluate each car.
  • The Quick Start wants to drive the car, test it out, see how it feels in a variety of terrains.  Instant gratification and shiny objects are icing on the cake.  Color is also an important consideration.
  • Finally, the Implementor  kicks the tires, slams the doors, and evaluates the beauty of the engine from a quality and value perspective.

So big surprise, there is no right way to buy a car.  By taking the perspective/approach from each profile, you can find yourself a beautiful new car that pushes someone’s buttons!


Thanks to Penny Paucha for inspiring this rant!





Kolbe Call — Know your profile and how it affects your business!

Please listen to a call I held with a number of Martha Beck coaches in November, 2011 called:

Your KOLBE Profile:  Learning how to better Understand your Clients and Your Practice.

This call was with two fabulous volunteers who discussed how their Kolbe profile affects how they conduct their business and relate to their clients.

Listen in!

In learning more about your individual Kolbe profile, you can become more self aware while becoming a better coach!

Contact me for an individual Kolbe Consultation!

The 12 Approaches to Problem Solving

The results of a Kolbe A Index  provide an invaluable perspective on who you are and how you conduct inspired action.  The Kolbe A Index measures how you behave when you are firing on all cylinders.

A high numbers isn’t necessarily better than a low number.  Understanding this difference is a huge factor in understanding your Kolbe score.

Take the Kolbe A Index at www.kolbe.com and call me for a consultation.  There is so much to learn.


Are you an Impostor?

I will admit it.

I spent years trying really hard to be something I wasn’t.

I created spreadsheets, analyzed numbers, discussed minutia — doing what I thought I needed to do to be taken seriously in the business world.

I was miserable.

I was an Impostor.

Then I figured it out.

I took the Kolbe ATM Index and learned my numbers.

I am a Quick Start who pretended to be a Fact Finder.

I am a Quick Start!

I like new and fresh.

I love to brainstorm.

I like to challenge the status quo.

I wait until the last minute.

I am high energy.

I trust my gut.

I am a Quick Start.

I was an Impostor.

Now I am not.

I am a Quick Start.


Come join me.  Sign up for my mailing list and join other Quick Starts who are trying to figure out where they fit in the world!


Kolbe: You’re So Much More than Just Your Highest Number — Quick Start Edition

Please listen to a call I held with a number of Martha Beck coaches in September, 2011 called:

KOLBE:  You’re So Much More Than Just Your Highest Number:  Quick Start Edition

During this call, I spoke with three amazing Quick Starts.

The call is fabulous and is the first step in creating a Quick Start Forum which will be featured on this website with links on Facebook.

Listen in!

In learning more about your individual Kolbe profile, you can become more self aware while becoming a better coach!

Listen to the call: Kolbe… You’re Not Just Your Highest Number!

Please listen to a call I held with Martha Beck coaches in July called:

Kolbe… You’re Not Just Your Highest Number!

During this call, I spoke with two insistent Fact Finders.  My next call on September 20th, will focus on Quickstarts.

Join the call….

20th September 2011 10:00AM PST, 1:00 EST
Tele-Course Call in Number Info: (702) 589-8300 Access Code: 3875782#


In learning more about your individual Kolbe profile, you can become more self aware while becoming a better coach!

30 days, just 30 days

As always, I am fascinated by what I learn from TED.  This short talk by Matt Cutts encourages us all to try something new for 30 days.

Cut out TV.

Forget Twitter.

Exercise more.

Eat healthier.

Write a book.

Get out of your rut!

He has some great ideas and they absolutely deserve to be shared!

Try something new for 30 days

Click  this link to see!  Matt Cutts Try Something for 30 Days