What kind of animal are you?

What kind of animal are you?

And why?

When someone posed this question to me, the first thought that came to my mind was

Golden Retriever.

I realize they may not be considered the smartest dogs on the planet, but they are certainly among the most loving and accepting.

I live with three dogs, one of whom is a golden retriever who has just finished picking all of the dish towels off of the kitchen counter and delivering them to me in my office in an effort to get attention and affection or maybe he is just looking to have some fun.

I may have answered this way because  I have been loved by three fantastic golden retrievers — Barney, Maggie and Jake. Their unconditional love and ability to be open, to stand by my side through thick and thin has been an invaluable constant in my life.

Anyway, back to the question posed above.

Yesterday during a grueling tennis practice when someone zinged a tennis ball down the alley just out of reach. My partner commented that she thought I would be “mad at myself” for missing the ball. On the contrary, the next tennis ball was coming, it was time to move on, focus on what is coming next.

I tend to be on an even keel most of the time. Yes, there are some things that I feel very strongly about but I don’t feel the need to toss those thoughts out into conversation in a confrontational manner.

I am people pleaser to a certain extent except if someone just gets under my skin or cuts me off aggressively.

I love to connect with people, learn who they are, share stories, gain perspective.

I believe in making life fun and enjoying every minute of every day.

I am a lover not a growler.

What kind of animal are you?

And why?