Life Coaching Day to Day
Beware of toxic people

There are people in the world who should wear this sign. Lucky me! I met one of them this morning.

Her aura was toxic which I know sounds so hokey, but I knew as soon as I looked in her eyes that she was trouble.

I also allowed myself to get sucked into her orbit.

I should know better.

The Story….

I need a medical information form completed before the weekend. Charlie gave it to me today, Tuesday, and he needs it by Saturday. My son is a wrestler and has made it into the New England tournament. This is a very big deal in his world.  As a wrestler he needs to prove that he is in good health – not infected with ring worm or any other disease that can be spread through close body contact.

I know. I know. TMI

So I drive over to the pediatrician’s office to drop off the form at 8AM. The conversation between myself and two nurses behind the counter goes something like this…..

Do we do these forms?

Should we charge her $20 to complete this?

I have never seen this type of form before.

You need to submit these forms at least two weeks in advance.

We have to look up this information in our files.

We can complete the form and mail it back to you.

When I explain that this matter requires some urgency and that I am willing to drive back and pick up the form when its ready. I get “the look”. You all know what that look is….

It’s the look that says you are an asshole.

It’s the look that says you are bothering me.

It’s the look that says you have unreal expectations.

It’s the look that says, you are not on my priority list.

I write my name and phone number on the proffered envelope, comment that it is clear that I have annoyed them, and ask them to call me when the form is ready. As I am stomping out, I offer to give them $20 for their trouble.

The Lesson

Don’t let yourself get sucked into their stuff.

I sunk to their level.

I got back into the car snarling at myself with a litany of things I should have said to them to put them in their place.

Then I took a breath.

This is not good, especially since I pride myself on being somewhat tuned into my feelings and those of others.

This is their stuff.

Not mine.

Let them keep it.