Bring It On

So the headlines are screaming it again.

More snow.

5-9 inches?

6-12 inches?

Is it an advisory or a warning?

Is it going inland or staying on the coast?

Will we have sleet or snow or freezing rain or ice pellets?

What about coastal flooding….

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You know what, I have finally come to conclusion, with the help of a very wise woman — there is absolutely nothing we can do but…

Bring it on!

So we are going to have another opportunity to get rosy cheeks and chilled fingers as we shovel the driveway and the front walk.

We will shovel a path for the dogs in the backyard so that they can get out and do their business.

We will have yet another snow day off from school, which miraculously the kids are actually finding somewhat tedious.

We will be able to sit by the fire, eat homemade brownies and play a hugely competitive tournament of fast solitaire.

We will eat leftovers and some more leftovers.

The dogs will roam the house.  Jake will steal the dishtowel off the kitchen counter, Snoopy will follow me everywhere including into the potty and Lucy will sit looking out the window at the birds on the feeder.

We will all go a little stir crazy as we hibernate, awaiting our opportunity to get set free, one more time.