We make decisions every day that affect our journey, our bigger picture, our lives. We sacrifice our sense of stillness and peace for the frenetic activity of a life filled with circular activities and endless “to do” lists.

In many ways, we live our lives like squirrels….

Squirrels appear to live in a particular frenzy of indecision, especially if they are trying to cross the road in front of your car.

Yes….No….  Go Back…..  Go Forward…..  Watch Out…..  Wait….

Hurry up…..Run for the hills…..

Their antics are almost comical except it involves their very existence.  Their little tiny brains are making little tiny split decisions that involve their own little tiny mortality.

Now I am certainly not saying that we have little tiny brains and scamper crazily through life, but sometimes it feels that way.

We scurry too much and put too much focus on our “to do” lists – errands, kids, jobs, partners, homes, storing nuts for the winter.  What is remarkable is how rarely we put ourselves first on that list, if we are on the list at all.

Yet, despite all of this activity, something is still not quite right. There is an ache inside and you’re not sure what that’s all about, but you keep doing your stuff, checking off that list, scurrying from tree to tree.

Until one day, you realize that your life is short and that funny feeling inside isn’t going away no matter how much you try to ignore it.

I can help….

Working one-on-one, we refocus your energy on you.

You will gain tools that help you see the bigger picture and learn what the funky feeling inside is all about.  Together, we work to retwinklize your life, so you can stop scurrying and start living your life with joy and meaning.