Too much reality? My rant….

I spend much of my time working with clients about focusing on their own reality, questioning negative thoughts, becoming their own best selves. But is it possible to have too much reality?

I understand that it’s important to live out loud and to speak your own truth authentically and honestly, but where do we draw the line. When is enough, enough?

Let’s look at toilet paper commercials …

Charmin features a bear who has tufts of TP adhering to his fur behind, with the claim that it “leaves fewer pieces behind”. I can’t get the image out of my mind of that little bear dancing around with toilet paper fluffed on his bottom. Too much information!

Then there is the more down to earth Quilted Northern commercial about the importance of having paper that “gets you clean while helping to keep your hands clean”. Ew. Ew. Ew. Did I say TMI?

Personally, I think its time for them to get some perspective.

Clearly the marketing people are spending way too much time brainstorming toilet paper features and benefits, without thinking of the bigger picture.

At least Scott paper has figured out we all want to be greener and has eliminated the inner tube.

I really didn’t intend this piece to become a discussion on toilet paper, but it does serve to be a metaphor for clear thinking and cleaner living.

We are spending too much time talking about nonsense and too little talking about what really matters – making our world a better place to live and ourselves happier and at peace.

End of rant.