Find your strengths and move forward

Carol A. Cheswick

If you’re someone who: If you’re a coach seeking to:
  • Puts yourself last.
  • Wants to discover (or re-discover) who you really are.
  • Is ready to change your life, your career, your outlook.
  • Understand your unique  strengths.
  • Build your personal brand and your practice.
  • Break through inertia and improve your productivity.
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If your company is running you instead of you running the company, learn how to: If you’re an entrepreneur who wants a:
  • Jump start your business with a fresh perspective.
  • Refine leadership skills while delegating more effectively.
  • Retain your best employees.
  • Fresh perspective on your business
  • Resource to optimize and focus your efforts.
  • Clear perspective of your competitive strengths and opportunities.
  • Reality check that you’re doing what you love, not just what you’re good at.
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